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  • About Us

    About Us

    Fortify Ventures is an early stage technology investment fund leveraging the proven experience of our team and our networks to provide portfolio companies with the community and the capital that they need to grow and succeed.

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  • Portfolio


    We support visionary entrepreneurs with defendable market positions in huge or high growth sectors. We invest in and mentor our portfolio companies. Our startups will execute smarter and faster with our involvement.

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  • The Fort

    The Fort

    The Fort has accelerated 17 companies since January 2012. As Fortify grows and evolves we are focusing more exclusively on the future of the firm and on nurturing our current portfolio. The Fort is now a blog, focused on sharing experiences and knowledge with the broader community.

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The Team

  • Jonathon Perrelli

    Jonathon PerrelliManaging Director

    Inspiration for Fortify Ventures and Distilled Intelligence came from Jonathon’s 20 years as an entrepreneur and angel investor. As a native Washingtonian, Jonathon is a key player in the thriving startup technology ecosystem in the mid-atlantic region.  Jonathon is a proud graduate of Virginia Tech and alumni of UUNET.

  • Simon Rakoff

    Simon RakoffGeneral Partner

    Simon has been an active entrepreneur and angel investor in the DC region for more than 15 years. He has founded and co-founded enterprise software, digital entertainment and professional services firms. A former paramedic and firefighter, Simon is also a PhD with expertise in leadership and organizational change.

  • Carla Valdes

    Carla ValdesGeneral Partner

    Carla has been with Fortify since our founding. As general Partner and EIR she co-founded our accelerator and was a co-creator of Distilled Intelligence.  Carla is now is focused on her latest venture which will be announced in 2014.

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